Gator Modelers Mall show a Success!

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The Gator Modelers hosted a Mall Show in conjunction with the local Flying Gators RC Club at the Oaks Mall in Gainesville on Saturday, April 21st. The show ran from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM and was set up in mall center court in front of the Dillards Department Store. The event was staged so that the Gator Modelers could gain public exposure and increase membership.

Club members Jack Mugan, Michael Martinez and Ed Ingersoll met at 8:00 AM to set up the display. All three brought in several of their models and along with documentation to showcase at the event. Club member Bob Lundeen arrived at 9:00 AM with an assortment of models from his and his wife’s collection. There were enough models from the four members to fill three table tops along some with Club Flyers and IPMS literature and Journals. Several models had supporting literature displayed next to them. Also displayed was a finished Tamiya Zero model, a boxed kit of it and course material as part of announcement that the Gator Modelers where putting together an Adult Building Course. Two interested parties signed up to receive more information about the ABC course.

A lot of the folks that stopped by the display took home copies of the club flyer and the IPMS flyer so they could check out the respective web sites for more information about the Gator Modelers and IPMS. All of these folks were extended invitations to attend the club meetings.

The display was well received with many folks stopping by and commented that they used to build models like those. A lot of kids stopped by to check out the models and many asked “what is that and how did you make it look like that?” Hopefully some of them will become junior modelers. The club members had a great time talking with folks about our hobby, the club and IPMS.

Plans are already in the works for an even larger event next year. There is talk about inviting other modeling related clubs to join in and turn the event into an annual one!

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