Gatormodelers hold Make-n-Take at Fly In


By Frank Ahern

Encouraging young people to get involved in modeling is a major priority for the Gator Modelers club. We had a great opportunity to do that at the First Annual Gainesville Regional Airport Fly-In on April 23, 2011.  It was the first public event at the airport since an air show in 2006, and the airport management was anxious to make a good impression by offering activities for all ages.

The Gator Modelers display table had over a dozen model planes built by club members and was staffed by club members throughout the day. Club informational flyers and IPMS pamphlets were available to the public.

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Presidents Message -- April 2011

Well, the past month has been pretty quiet for our club. No contest, no speakers, no demos on the calendar. I thought the last meeting went well though, especially at the end when Eric had an impromptu sale on some great kits.

So I think I’ll take advantage of this lull in activities to beat the drum a little bit about IPMS. I have been a member for many, many years. When I joined up, the organization was still pretty young, (so was I) and the hobby really did not have much of a central focus at that time, so the idea of being part of an international club that was all about the hobby of modeling, had a great appeal to a lot of us modelers.

Sure there were a few publications available for reference material, but nothing like we have today. There sure wasn’t an Internet around so modelers could share information and discuss

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Huge Gainesville Model Sale!

For all those interested, there will be a warehouse full of models for sale in Gainesville, Florida on April 16th starting at 10:00 AM.
The sale will be outside the warehouse so in case of bad weather the sale will be postponed to a new date, TBD in May.
NO early birds PLEASE!!
Local modeler Gary Skinner of STS Enterprises is selling off his collection of over 300 model kits.
Some 1950s, probably 75/80% 1960s, rest 1970s and newer.
1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/700 (mostly waterline), 1/350 and ....
Some are still sealed, some inner packaging intact, most are open.
Some vacuum form stuff but most of the plastic packaging is confetti and they where all in one box. Interesting stuff.
As to the open kits I have sold about 100 of these on ebay and have not had one complaint about missing parts.
To avoid any issues selling "AS-IS".
Buyers should bring their own boxes and bags.

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Model Kit Auction!

Model Kit Auction!
Saturday, May 21st  2011
12:00 noon -- 5:00 pm (1200-1700 hrs)

Regency Square Library
9900 Regency Square Blvd.

Model Creations Unlimited in the Orange Park/ Jacksonville area is proud to announce our first annual Model Kit Auction on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at the Regency Square Library.

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Presidents Message- March 2011

I hope everyone took advantage of the February winter weather to get some quality model building done. I have to snicker a little bit after saying that, knowing what kind of winter weather they have had in the Snow Belt this year. Been there, done that….. work on a model, go out and snow blow the drive, then back to the model bench.

Well JaxCon has come and gone and was successful according to Gil Hodges. We had eleven members attend, not a bad showing for a club our size, and managed to bring home a few honors, so congratulations are in order. Hopefully, we may be able to host the regional someday.

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